HARDNESS AND DURABILITY: bonnell unit in this model is done by stronger wire, 2,4mm diameter, reinforced by termofixed felt.

REINFORCEMENT – mattress edges are reinforced by PU foam

COMFORT – with high quality layers of HR and memory foam achieved extraordinary softness and comfort.

AIRFLOW – this model has 3D tape which is enabling better airflow.

FABRIC – Viscose is a soft, silky fabric made from the purified cellulose of trees. Viscose properties are similar to cotton. It is extremely soft and silky and absorbs moisture rapidly, ensuring highly mattresse breathability.

DURABILITY – mattress made in this way guarantee many year of comfort and durability.

1.fabric 2.polyester 3.memory foam 4.HR foam 5.termofixed felt 6.PU foam box 7.bonnell spring unit 8.3D tape

Firmness / H1 Soft / H4 Firm