COMFORT – Super Micro pocket spring core with approximately 1,100 springs/ m2 is the most state of the art pocket spring core to date. The increasing number of springs has achieved more sensitive adjustments and support of the individual line of the sleeper’s body. This mattress guarantees peaceful sleep without turning.

ALOE BIO MEMORY FOAM – The highest quality bio memory foam made of raw material of herbal origin with density of 90kg/m3 is the highest quality memory foam ever produced. This is a product that guarantees maximum relaxation in harmony with nature.

SILK/ORGANIC COTTON – The cover cloth of this mattress consists of two different sides, made of silk and organic cotton respectively. Silk is a natural product made of fibre of extraordinary quality. Its fibres are pleasant and soft, and at the same time extraordinarily strong and durable. Silk is cooling in the summer and warming in the winter. Organic cotton does not contain any synthetic chemical substances, it prevents skin allergies and frees itself quickly from excess moisture.

1.  fabric (silk) 2. basic cover 3. Aloe Bio Memory  4. HR foam  5. wool felt  6. Micro Pocket 7. PU foam 8. fabric (cotton)

Firmness / H1 Soft / H4 Firm