SUPPORT – high density PU foam is giving good support and elasticity

ERGONOMICAL PROPERTIES – reducing remittent surface pressure, evenly disposing body weight

DURABILITY – The robustness and capability of not being deformed were tested by laboratory-tests, which have proved that it is an extremely resistent and robust product, able to keep intact the own elasticity, to preserve the height and it is a product of great performances

ANTIALERGICAL PROPERTIES – anallergic materials, an hygienic product, flame retardant and perspirable, able to favour a higher air-passing, facilitate the evaporation of humidity, it remains fresh, dry and therefore of pleasant contact

ORGANIC COTTON – does not contain any toxic elements, avoid skin iritations and it is perspirable

1. fabric 2. biogreen 3. PU foam 4. biogreen

Firmness / H1 Soft / H4 Firm