HARDNESS AND COMFORT – reinforced and thicker layers of felt and PU foam are giving firmness and comfort in the same time.

REINFORCEMENT – mattress edges are reinforced by PU foam.

AIRFLOW – this model has 3D tape which is enabling better airflow.

FABRIC – antiallergy treated fabric ensure the mite and bacteria protection.

WINTER/SUMMER SIDE – mattress cover is quilted by wool to keep you nice and warm during the winter season and cotton to provide you the ideal conditions during the summer time.

DURABILITY – Mattress made in this way guarantees many year of confort and durability

1.fabric  2.polyester  3.cotton/wool  4.PU foam  5.termofixed felt  6.PU foam box  7.bonnell spring unit

Firmness / H1 Soft / H4 Firm